About DBST

Dirt Bike Safety Training, LLC is an off-road motorcycle training program based in Snohomish County, Washington.

DBST, LLC has partnered with Gary LaPlante, founder of DIRT FIRST by MotoVentures, based in Anza, CA. DBST will utilize Gary LaPlante’s proven curriculum. Gary LaPlante has been riding and racing professionally for over 41 years and has been conducting off-road motorcycle instruction for 15 years. He is also the author of How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles.

All DBST instructors are trained and certified by DIRT FIRST, MotoVentures staff. Training classes will be sized to encourage quality interaction between instructors and riders.

The DBST training facility is conveniently located 45 minutes north of Seattle. It will have onsite storage and offers a variety of terrain including a large level dirt area to work on riding skills. Additional areas feature sand, rocks, hills, single track, trees, and logs.

Our training program utilizes light-weight recreational dirt bikes that are user-friendly and appropriately sized to teach almost anyone how to ride motorcycles correctly and safely. We offer a variety of training geared towards men, women, and youth of all ages from beginner to advanced riders. Students are encouraged to bring their own bikes if available.

DBST Motorcycle Rider Training

Learning to ride in the dirt first holds incredible benefits for the riding public. Not only is it widely acknowledged by experts as the best way to learn for beginners, it is also recognized as the best way for anyone trying to improve their current riding skills regardless of what or where they ride now. This is the perfect skill builder for dual-sport or adventure bike riders.

  • Our training curriculum
  • Our friendly, professional instructors
  • Our private ideally-suited training site
  • Our training motorcycles
  • Our fun and positive learning environment
  • Our accessibility

DBST offers motorcycle rider training courses throughout the year for anyone who wants to learn how to ride or how to take their riding to the next level; men and women, boys and girls, of all skill levels from beginners to advanced riders seeking a motorcycle coach, motocross or trials training.

Street bike, dual sport and adventure riders will also benefit from the training as they can swap a bigger, heavier bike for one of our smaller, user-friendly dirt bikes. This allows a person to learn to ride in the dirt or improve existing riding skills without the pressure of a big bike. The skills learned will transfer to street or adventure bikes, enhancing the rider’s overall abilities.

What can DBST, LLC do for you?

Our DBST training program will focus on positive energy from beginning to end; everyone feels welcome, validated and engaged in the training. We will have fun, focus on the customer, teach to every skill level and will further develop skills for safe, effective and efficient riding.

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