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6 hour private lesson with Jason, on DBST bike, to prepare for an adventure bike outing. Logical, building block instruction, clearly communicated. Terrific experience; planning on following up with several additional Group II sessions.

-George M. 75 / Friday Harbor

I took a private lesson with their instructor, Jason, yesterday. I have never ridden a dirt bike before and am not the best version of myself in group class scenarios (I'm sort of shy person). Jason was so kind and generous with me during our lesson. He got me so much further along in terms of my skills and riding ability in a few hours than I thought would be possible, while also being patient and flexible with his teaching method. There's no question I was humbled by some of my own limitations, but Jason identified them and made it a point to not skip over them but help me focus to get better at them. By the end of the class, I even got to ride on a trail beyond him, which seemed far beyond my reach when I first got there. Highly recommend! Can't wait to go back!

-Tyler J. 33 / Snohomish, WA

I took the Level I and II courses a month into learning to ride, and, a year later, I can say they were the best thing I did to improve my riding. The clear instruction combined with the controlled low traction environment reveal so much about the fundamentals of good riding (lean angle, body position, traction management, ...). Also, the dirt experience prepared me to turn down fire roads and rip on some fun light adventure rides. I took Level II again a year later as a refresher / skill assessment. Definitely worth coming back to the course more than once as so much is covered and the instructors will find ways to push you. Also, it's just plain fun. Friendly atmosphere. Small class sizes. A single track course with swoopy turns and just enough sticker bushes to keep your adrenaline up.

-Marc 33 / Seattle, WA

Gary, Jason and Whitney were so professional on teaching us the bunch of Dirty Girls ADV! I had concern riding offroad again since I have crashed and fractured my ankle, but during their class and even after the class, I could feel my confidence back and wanted to try more challenge terrains. Indeed, their class offered and led my skill improved, and I am thankful to be able to take their class! I will be planning to take another advanced class next year for sure.

-Kumi / Snohomish

The class was awesome! I come from a background of street bikes (Harley's and sport bikes) with a little off-road experience. How the class broke down the individual skills and then applied them during the trail rides was perfect for reinforcement. Whitney was a great instructor and I'm definitely signing up for more. Thank you DBST! -Krit

-Krit M. 41 / Lynnwood

I have been riding trails for 5+ years and I can usually get by with my limited experience with obstacles and loose terrain. After my training class I felt way more confident in my riding and have already put the skills I learned to use. I have recommended this to every single one of my riding buddies and I would recommend to any new rider as well. On top of all the learning, it was a fun experience meeting new people and talking about our experiences with riding.

-Sierra 23 / Marysville

I had such a great time, and learned so much! Jason and Whitney are such amazing instructors, they are very patient and like to work one on one when your struggling. Going on the trail before you learn the skills in the middle and at the end really helped to see my progress, thanks so much for a great time and new skills to keep me safe!

-Chelcey 20 / Tulalip

Our 5 year old daughter Bryn took the beginner class with Jason. I can't thank him enough for his patience and excellent teaching skills. She's now hooked and has her own PW50 and can't wait to take another class. Troy

-Troy H. 49 / Edmonds

The class was awesome, but for me what changed my riding the most was Whitney's ability to make me UNDERSTAND the plank exercise (and stop thinking that it was there just to torture students!). Since then I have been able to use this particular way of counterbalancing in all challenging situations (like when it gets very rutty) and stay relaxed. 

-Dionne H. / Pacific Northwest

I'm normally a rider in the middle of the pack, not the fastest, but I can handle pretty much any type of single track. Went into the level 2 class expecting to learn a few tricks, maybe a new way of doing something, at the least I'd have a fun day on two wheels, but what could I really learn, right? Boy was I wrong, way wrong, well I still had a great day on my bike, but I couldn't believe how many things I was doing wrong. From the start it was obvious the instructors where excited to help, and fully vested in your learning and saftey. Every drill we ran was designed to build confidence, slowly adding things to make your riding base better. Can't wait to practice more and use what I've learned. I'll be taking the level 3 class later, can't wait to see what improvements that will bring!

-Cassidy S. 38 / Tulalip

I have known Whitney and Jason for some time and have ridden and trained with both.  They are both amazing dirt riders and are out riding and participating in many events within the community.  They are also wonderful rider coaches and are patient, knowledgeable and have the ability to help you greatly improve your riding skills.

I highly recommend, no matter what level of skills you posses, to get with them to build your skill level and become even a better rider both on and off road.  They don't teach "on-road" curriculum but I honestly feel that off-road training will hugely benefit you on the street.  In fact, I think it is beneficial for new riders to get some off-road training before they venture out on the street.  Hope to see you out on the trails.

-Tracy J. 41 / Mercer Is.

I've been a street rider for 15 years and got my first dual sport a few years back. I've done a little off road riding, but frankly I'm terrified of it. My husband thought this would help me gain some skills that would boost my confidence and make it more enjoyable. He decided he could probably learn a thing or two as well, so we took the level 2 class together. First of all, wow! it's hard work! I learned so much from this class though! I think it was definitely a little harder since I've been a street rider for so long; there are a lot of things that are quite opposite between the two riding methods. To be honest, I was beside myself with anxiety; how many times am I going to drop my bike, how many people are going to be waiting for me, how frustrated are people going to be with my lack of skill, etc. But our instructor (the owner, Jason) was absolutely fantastic and so incredibly patient with me. There was no judgement from anyone and it seemed like everyone in our group was learning and having fun too. Even in our group of 8, which they considered large, everyone got some real personal attention and coaching. By the end of the day I was able to ride and actually maneuver in sand, which is something I've never been able to do - skill or confidence-wise. And my husband, who has done some pretty extreme off road riding learned a lot as well. The principles behind the teaching methods here are pretty spot on and I'm definitely excited to ride more now! I also believe it would be worth taking the class again to really master some of the skills learned here. I would recommend this operation to pretty much anyone interested in off road riding - there are 3 levels of skill courses, so there's something for everyone and you'd be amazed at how even just a little coaching can improve your riding. Thank you Jason!

-Lara D. 40 / Portland, OR

Attended a class in the spring at another training field with Whitney and Jason. I credit Whitney with getting me to ride an obstacle I hadn't dared to tackle in 2 years of seeing it. That day at least a dozen girls rode it ahead of me without even blinking and I couldn't even get close to it. When I asked Whitney to take a minute and spot me on it just 1:1, he took the time to break away, gave me a few pointers and voila, of course, I did it just fine. That in turn enabled me to try bigger and harder things that again I'd never ridden. A lot of knowledge and skill behind the coaching, and also a big heart and desire to see you succeed. If you want to get to that next level, go train with these guys.  I highly recommend them! !

-Motoflicka /

I've been riding street for over 35 years. In a cross country trip a couple years ago I ran into a couple young men in a small Utah town riding the TAT... After talking with them I had a new bucket list item. But then I knew I'd need to learn some new skills and chance my riding style significantly. I started with the intermediate class and it was freaking AWESOME!! I learned so much and gained a crazy amount of confidence. Not only with the dirt bike but also with skills that carried over to street riding. I will be going back a few more times over the next couple years ago when I head out on my big adventure in 2020 I can do it with confidence. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

-Jennifer P. 52 / Castle Rock

Grew up with a dirt bike that I rode daily. Stopped riding dirt in my late teens. Got back into riding street more than 10 years ago and ride a lot. All that adds up to YEARS of bad habits for riding dirt the way it should be ridden to be safe. Enter Dirt Bike Safety Training with Jason and Carrie. We rode at the site near Tulalip and I can't recommend it enough. The dirt there is magic. The most confidence inspiring possible. And that doesn't mention the real jewels! The instructors were fun and engaging. They made me want to practice a skillset even though it was challenging. Just sign up for the appropriate class for you. And practice after you go!

-Paul K. 44 / 98290

My son, age 12, and I spent a day with Dirt First. He's new to cycling, so started in the beginner class. I've ridden street bikes for most of my life, so joined group 2. The training was fantastic. Joseph had never ridden before; by the end of the day, he was shifting gears, executing sharp turns, and doing a little trail riding. Great teachers. For myself, I learned that dirt bikes are entirely different than what I had grown accustomed to. The balance is different, turning is different; lots of new physics to learn, and this course was the perfect intro. 5 out of 5. Outstanding.

-Chris a. 60 / Mukilteo

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