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Such an awesome experience! The structure of the program is set up so well you can see your progress throughout the class and practice those skills that you feel are lacking. The hands on training provided by the instructors is wonderful: they are extremely patient, very knowledgeable, and eager to help you become the better rider we all want to be. I very much recommend any of the classes provided for your skill level!

-Stephanie W. 27 / Marysville

Whitney and Jason are very skilled and patient instructors. They opened the door to the basic skills I needed for riding off-road. Renting a bike and gear made it safer and easier to learn. It was such an encouraging learning atmosphere that I took the clas a second time and learned even more!

-Sheri H. 43 / Renton, WA

Jason is an amazing instructor. He nails it with clear objectives, clear directions, over all logical progression of exercises, quick recognition of a need act when we needed corrective action (including taking breaks). And in particular I liked how he was firm with me when I was doing something dangerous, and didn't realize it! It takes a strong and confident instruction to bring levity and firmness to a training like this. Thank you so much!

-Nicholas R. 51 / Kenmore

6 hour private lesson with Jason, on DBST bike, to prepare for an adventure bike outing. Logical, building block instruction, clearly communicated. Terrific experience; planning on following up with several additional Group II sessions.

-George M. 75 / Friday Harbor

Probably have 100K miles on BMW plus several K on other bikes. Proves that any on with some mechanical skills can ride mostly on pavement, in a straight line, and fast. Switch to dirt and the game changes. A little late in life maybe to learn off road but I chose well. Jason of DBST did a fine job of keeping me on track and my head AND body in the game. Great demeanor, patience and skills. Even picked up my bike on a trail ride when the vegetation pulled me off the track : >}. I learned a lot. especially to practice practice on a lighter bike before taking my R1200GS on single track. I intend to be back to glean more confidence and skills. Thanks Jason.

-Dave 71 / Puyallup WA

I've been a street rider for 15 years and got my first dual sport a few years back. I've done a little off road riding, but frankly I'm terrified of it. My husband thought this would help me gain some skills that would boost my confidence and make it more enjoyable. He decided he could probably learn a thing or two as well, so we took the level 2 class together. First of all, wow! it's hard work! I learned so much from this class though! I think it was definitely a little harder since I've been a street rider for so long; there are a lot of things that are quite opposite between the two riding methods. To be honest, I was beside myself with anxiety; how many times am I going to drop my bike, how many people are going to be waiting for me, how frustrated are people going to be with my lack of skill, etc. But our instructor (the owner, Jason) was absolutely fantastic and so incredibly patient with me. There was no judgement from anyone and it seemed like everyone in our group was learning and having fun too. Even in our group of 8, which they considered large, everyone got some real personal attention and coaching. By the end of the day I was able to ride and actually maneuver in sand, which is something I've never been able to do - skill or confidence-wise. And my husband, who has done some pretty extreme off road riding learned a lot as well. The principles behind the teaching methods here are pretty spot on and I'm definitely excited to ride more now! I also believe it would be worth taking the class again to really master some of the skills learned here. I would recommend this operation to pretty much anyone interested in off road riding - there are 3 levels of skill courses, so there's something for everyone and you'd be amazed at how even just a little coaching can improve your riding. Thank you Jason!

-Lara D. 40 / Portland, OR

The class was awesome! I come from a background of street bikes (Harley's and sport bikes) with a little off-road experience. How the class broke down the individual skills and then applied them during the trail rides was perfect for reinforcement. Whitney was a great instructor and I'm definitely signing up for more. Thank you DBST! -Krit

-Krit M. 41 / Lynnwood

I took the level one class and was very impressed with how much I learned in one day. I bought a Beta 125 RR-S and came back for the second level class. I couldn't have been happier by the end of the day. I started the class being very nervous and scared of my own bike. I left the class with a ton of confidence, enough to start learning how to do jumps which is something I never thought I would have the courage to do. I will definitely be back in the near future for more lessons to perfect my skills and body positioning. Thank you again!

-Rachel 30 / Seattle

My 13 year old daughter and 9 year old son LOVED their first experience dirt biking last weekend with Jason and Whitney! They both have been mountain biking since they were little but my oldest was begging to get on a dirt bike :). Both instructors were awesome at gauging the individual kids' progress throughout the day (there were three kids total in the class) and they moved at the perfect pace for each, especially with my son who is definitely more of a visual learner. They were extremely patient, encouraging, personable, and professional. I was so impressed with how much the kids learned in one session--it was so fun to watch the kids riding around with ease by the end of the day. I would definitely recommend and am confident we'll be coming back for more soon!

-Carol F. / Sammamish

Took the ADV class with Jason. I thought it was better to learn on my Africa Twin, since that was what I would be riding. After watching me ride it for a few minutes, Jason recommended trying a few things on a smaller bike. I was immediately more comfortable and confident. I elected to stay on the smaller bike all day. I recently went on a ride with my Africa Twin and found the training I received on the smaller bike was immediately transferable and made me a much better and more confident rider. Thanks to Jason and his training.

-Mark S. 59 / Puyallup

I have been riding trails for 5+ years and I can usually get by with my limited experience with obstacles and loose terrain. After my training class I felt way more confident in my riding and have already put the skills I learned to use. I have recommended this to every single one of my riding buddies and I would recommend to any new rider as well. On top of all the learning, it was a fun experience meeting new people and talking about our experiences with riding.

-Sierra 23 / Marysville

Hey guys, quick shout out after the Desert 100 class. Over the top instruction and communication. Ran the the 50 mile event on Sunday after the class. As fatigue sets in, the technical points taught, became the things I could rely on in all conditions. Great class, great job.

-Roger Z. 60 / Desert 100

Gary, Jason and Whitney were so professional on teaching us the bunch of Dirty Girls ADV! I had concern riding offroad again since I have crashed and fractured my ankle, but during their class and even after the class, I could feel my confidence back and wanted to try more challenge terrains. Indeed, their class offered and led my skill improved, and I am thankful to be able to take their class! I will be planning to take another advanced class next year for sure.

-Kumi / Snohomish

I've been riding street bikes for about 15 years with limited off-road experience. Recently, I've been interested in doing more off-road/dual sport riding. I took the Level 2 course and it was awesome! It was a small group (3 students) with lots of individual instruction from Whitney. The supplied gear and bikes were nice. The course and trails are fun and Whitney's a great instructor. Definitely a great experience and I'd highly recommend it to others looking to develop their off-road skills/techniques.

-Andrew K. 36 / Seattle

I rode on the street for about 15 years total and then hit the dirt. Many crashes later, I went to the intermediate class at Dirt Bike Safety Training. Jason and Whitney were excellent and although at first I didn't completely understand why we were doing some things the way we were, I definitely do after getting back out on trails. I took the skills I learned and expanded them into other skills. Huge difference in riding ability! Huge!

-Abraham W. 42 / Arlington Wa

I had a level 2 class today. I'm not a good rider and I was looking to polish skills and focus on technique to gain confidence in my dirt rides. I've taken other classes in the past but Jason is not only a great teacher (awesome communication and energy) but also his knowledge of body posture and bike handling offroad is second to none. if you are considering this class, stop and sign up. This is investing on you. I know now how to really break offroad without an Ohh S××t moment. thank you DBST and Jason.

-Jose R. 41 / Burien, WA

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